12 Month Access Pass
What is included in an access pass? You get 12 months of:
  • Access to multi-page reviews for each program. Our reviews are written by multiple students at each program and cover each schools' specific pros and cons, giving you the information you need to decide whether or not to apply.
    (FAQ: How many students contribute to each review?)
    While each review reads as though it were written by one student, the reviews are in fact combinations of reviews written by multiple students at each program. We chose to display them as one single review because showing 6 different full-length reviews that repeat similar information over and over would not be very user-friendly!
  • Access to our sortable tables, covering each program's admission stats, clinical stats, and rankings in 4 unique categories.
  • The ability to track your application by marking "favorite" programs, which programs you will apply to, where you get accepted and where you decide to attend.
    (FAQ: Why purchase 12 months of access? Can I get a shorter membership?)
    We want to provide the best quality product at the best value. We allow for 12 months of access at a time because most applicants will use the site as they choose where to apply (Spring/Summer), again as they prepare for interviews (Fall/Winter) and again as they decide where to enroll (Winter/Spring). Due to the nature of the site and its content, we do not offer shorter memberships or trial periods.
  • Unlimited access to a team of current dental students ready to answer your questions directly through the site’s chat system.
    (FAQ: Do you offer any promo or discount codes?)
    Try entering "predent" for 10% off!