Schools evaluate us all the time
We're Turning the Tables
Schools evaluate us all the time; we are turning the tables.

Choosing to attend dental school is a huge investment. People meticulously research investments and purchases before making a final decision. Why should deciding on a dental school be any different?

The Problem

Current resources are biased or untrustworthy, outdated, or simply not detailed enough to give applicants an accurate idea of what it is like to be a part of each specific program. Additionally, the existing resources often only portray programs in their best light.

The Solution

GradSchoolGrades collects unbiased, thoroughly-vetted, and up-to-date reviews from current students at each program, enabling applicants to get the inside scoop. You will learn more from reading our program reviews than you would going on an interview to that program!

What applicants are saying about GradSchoolGrades
"I applied to and interviewed at several schools that I realized were not a good fit almost immediately upon arriving. I definitely wish I’d known before I got there and saved a little time and money. This site helps applicants avoid making that same mistake."
Tyler, first year dental student
"The anonimity provided by GradSchoolGrades allows reviewers to speak the truth about the pros and cons of each program."
Jenny, second year dental student
"I don't understand how people decided where to apply before this site existed."
Conner, dental school applicant
"A must-have resource for every applicant!"
Rachel, third year dental student
Help us out

This service is based on honest, clear-cut reviews written by current students. If you are interested in writing a review article for your program, regardless of whether or not your program is currently represented on our site, please reach out to us at We would love to hear from you. In fact, the site depends on us hearing from you! Additionally, we promise to protect your anonimity at all times, meaning we will not disclose which students authored review articles at any specific program. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on program reviews and more detailed information about each program!